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Purchase this product and prepare yourself for a Veryyy Handsyyy Night!

Your magical evening will begin with a candlelit dinner date with Handsy Setter, Kody Siebold. Kody will charm you with his knowledge of finance, red wine, and 16th century European artwork. This will serve as an appetizer to a gormet 3 course meal that is being prepared by fellow Handsy Member's Ryan Satko and Alexis Smitowski. Your evening continues with a live short preformance by Katherine (Redacted) and Jesse Thomas. Want something to remember this night by? As a thank you from all the Team Handsy Members, thoughout the night, Stella Johnstone will be live painting a commemorative work of art. 

Kody Eugene Seibold
Birthplace: Idaho
Physical Height: 1.79 meters
Spiritual Height: Between Ghandi and Dalai Lama
Vball Position: Setter, Right Side
Sexual Position: Missionary, Amazon
Vball Experience: Expert

Sexual experience: Beginner (butt enthusiastic)
Hobbies: skiing, reading, handstands
Favorite Quote: I haven’t come up with it yet.

Kody is most known for his positive energy on and off the court.  As a setter, his energy on the court is only second to his soft hands.

A Veryyy Handsyyy Night!

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